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Consolidated Stucco is a premier provider of stucco and stonework installation services across Colorado. We are a family owned and operated business and have over 30 years of experience. Our experience and knowledge enable us to deliver the highest quality, while providing the best value for our customers. We work hand in hand with our customers from start to finish using our expert advice, installation, and completion. It’s our job to make sure your home improvement project runs smooth, not yours. That’s our customer satisfaction commitment. We are grateful that our high volume of referrals come from past customers. 

Family Owned & Operated

Fully Licensed & Insured

Insurance Claim Experts

Hard Coat Stucco Systems

- Residential

- Commercial

Thousands of Projects Completed

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Stucco Experts

Mike D.

John and Consolidated Stucco are a great group to work with. He did a bunch of work for our multi-family unit properties. He is very involved with all the work that is done from start to finish. He is very communicative with the process, open, up-front and honest. I think they have a lot of integrity – they are just an outstanding group. I would absolutely recommend them to someone.

Ingrid W.

He was one of the best contractors we had on our house. He gave us a really fair bid and did the work as promised, and then we had to add onto it and he rolled with it and did whatever was needed to get the project done, and then cleaned up afterward. He has really great people on his staff. He was recommended by one of my best friends who had him do work on their whole house. A totally stand up guy, he is totally transparent, and I can’t recommend him highly enough. I’m very happy with his work, and his son is great too and all the people on his crew, I really enjoyed working with them. He was excellent and I would recommend him again, no reservations.

Bryant W.

I’ve been working with them around 15 years, specifically with John, and they’re the only stucco contractor we use now. They’re great, they’ve done dozens of projects with us. I think they’re an honest, high integrity company. I would for sure recommend anyone to work with them. I’ve used them for 2 of my personal houses which is how we met. I really like those guys -- not just for profit projects but for my personal work too.


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